About Akuaba Market

Our Mission

To provide our clients with top speed delivery of quality and affordable goods and services through an online shopping platform that put’s the customer first. We believe in a 99.9% customer satisfaction and therefore we always implement our core values;

  • Originality of products
  • Originality of products
  • Integrity & trust
  • Customer loyalty
  • Quick delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Communicating the right information

Our Vision

Africa’s premier online shop that understands and satisfies customers by giving them more than expected.

Company Introduction 

At Dalox Company limited, we specialize in the sales and marketing of general products both domestic and foreign. Through our akuabamarket online website, we provide for sale brand new products such as corsets, Sexy lingerie, Waist trainers, Bodysuits, Shapewear, Sports bra, sportswear, Yoga pants, latex waist cinchers and Sexy costumes and a variety of complimentary products. In general we are into body fitness products.
Akuabamarket is an online market which aims to provide its patrons with high quality goods and services produced primarily in Africa and globally at reasonable prices coupled with around the clock delivery benefits without compromising on security and excellence. We have continued to grow and expand our catalogue and product brands. We aim to provide over 2000+ products to offer our customers the largest selection possible, a variety you won’t find elsewhere.
Today, our daily sales continue to grow as we aim at providing more services to our customers through our online website, with more items in stock and ready to ship anywhere. Even with our already enormous selection that grows daily with new items constantly added. But that’s not all.

We are more committed to serving our customers globally than ever. The best bag selection of shapewear, leggings, casual dresses, swimwear for men, women and kids, sportswear, corsets among many others. And that’s just the beginning.
At akuabamarket, we pride ourselves not only in having the largest and most desirable collection of products, but also competitive prices and the best customer service of any online retailer. Our GOAL is to make shopping much easier, helpful and hassle free from product search to delivery.

We understand that information and communication is very important so we provide a 24/7 online chat service to help assist our clients with their inquiries so that they can be well informed and be in the position to always get the best deal. We believe in putting our clients first because when they are happy, we are happy. When they grow, we grow.