How to order on akubamarket


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1. To order on akubamarket enter to log onto the page.

2. Click on products to view all our products or on any of our headings to view other products. You can also click on the green icon on the right bottom corner and chat with our live agents for help in finding anything on our website.

Quick View


When you click on the Buy button or the product image, you’ll see this page below. Select your size and color then click on Add to cart or Purchase Now to direct you to the next page.

In your Cart

In your Cart, there are three things you should take notice of

1, Check the quantity and details of your order if it’s correct.

**Note** (if you have items in the cart you don’t want to buy at this time, use the small red x beside the picture to delete the item and click on update basket to refresh the basket

2, If you have a coupon code, enter it in the red circled area and click apply coupon

3, Check the Basket total again to make sure before clicking on Proceed to checkout.

5, Checkout page

On the checkout page, you’ll have to complete some information such as your Billing address (can be same as your delivery address or different). If you want the product to be delivered to a different address; other than your Billing Address the you check the box circled 3 with red.

1, If you forgot to enter your coupon code on the cart page, this is the right chance to redeem your discount. Click on it and enter your coupon code.

2, Here you’ll fill in your name and other details (for example….)

Name*: Adwoa                          Last name*: Lucy

Country*: Ghana                      Street Address*: Ablade road, Zongo Street.

Town/City*: Sekondi                State/County*: Western Region

Phone*: 0547******                Email*:

(If you don’t remember your email address or don’t have one, Please use our email:

3, If you want us to deliver to a different address, Please fill in the details in the DELIVER TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS SECTION if not Unchecked the box.

4, If you want to create an account with us, kindly check the small box there. It’ll ask you to enter your password and you can create a password. (Note: our email address above cannot be used to create an account). You can make a purchase without creating an account too.

5, If you have any special message you want to tell us to either put into the package or exclude from the package, please write in here.

6, In the section marked Blue, kindly check the details of your order again.

7, In the box marked 7, read and check the terms and conditions.

8, After you have checked all the information entered, now you’re ready to place your order. Click on PLACE ORDER

Congratulations…. You’re one step away from receiving your dream product.

Payment with Expresspay….

Currently all our payments on this website are done through Expresspay. It’s a secured and convenient way of making payments to us through our website. Kindly follow these steps to make payment. Follow the steps in the images below to make a successful payment…

For the payment on Expresspay, we have three options

1, Visa, Mastercard, Annex or Discover and GH-Link: if you have any of these cards, you can make payment to us with both local and international cards.

2, Mobile Money: Our own Momo… You can make payment through any network to our website with your Mobile money service provider… Either MTN mobile money, TIGO cash, Airtel Money, Vodafone Cash… you can pay with all of these.

3, If you’re already registered to expresspay, you can use your balance to pay us too…

In this example we’re going to use MTN mobile money

1, Click on or Select Mobile money

2, Choose your service provider (in this case MTN)

3, Enter your Mobile Money registered number (Only registered mobile money numbers will work)

4, Check the amount to pay on the right hand side and click continue

5, Confirm the amount again and Click Pay

6, You’ll receive a message on your Mobile Money Phone, check the details and enter your mobile money PIN to make and complete payment.

You’ll be redirected to a Thank You page…

Thank you for doing business with akuabamarket…. 

***If you’re not able to pay on time and the transaction fail… Kindly repeat the process again… usually the item will be in your cart. Check the last picture..***

***If you’re not able to pay on time and the transaction fail… Kindly repeat the process again… usually the item will be in your cart. Check this last picture below..***

And thanks for reading through this… If you make it this far, contact us through WhatsApp (0547846192) for a coupon code. This is How to order on akubamarket.

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How to order on akubamarket.