How to List/Sell on Akuabamarket

We believe in the saying that no man is an island unto himself and the Ghanaian saying that “the sea is big, yet it accepts the rain water” (literally translated).and to achieve our vision of providing variability and availability of unprecedented standards, our doors are open to local suppliers who want to list or sell their products with us under our terms and conditions. Products should be of high quality, original, brand new/unused, available, safe and authorized. You can contact us to list or sell your products on our website. Contact us with details of the products you intend to sell on our website, the quantity, relevant certificates (if any), high quality pictures of the products (professional pictures preferred) and the availability and location of the products.


How to sign up

To sign up, send the following details to us via email ( or WhatsApp (+233 547 846 192)

  1. What products do you make/create/sell?
  2. Are they locally made/assembled?
  3. How many pieces are you able to make per day/week?
  4. DO you have a place of work or production?
  5. Have you registered your business?